Where it all began

The exciting musical flavoring of Stella Luna & the Satellites is the result of musicians with backgrounds from many musical genres banding together, breaking the rules and barriers of most musical templates, and forming a unique blend of rock, country, pop, r&b, blues, funk, reggae, and folk music.  Well-known songs from all of these genres ranging from the 1980’s to today are re-worked and presented using creative instrumentation, exciting rhythmic twists and sweet harmonies.

Stella Luna & the Satellites have created a buzz with their high-energy live shows performing today’s current hits, crowd favorites and timeless classics from many different styles of music, providing the variety and excitement that many people have been craving when they enter a live-entertainment venue.

Dance floors are filling up and crowds are singing along and stomping their feet to Stella Luna & the Satellites in venues ranging from small coffee houses and bar & grills to entertainment nightclubs, festivals and corporate events.

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